Bursting with decade long interesting history, fascinating culture, and mesmerizing tropical beaches, Zanzibar makes up for an excellent off-the-beaten-path holiday destination away from the safari routes of Tanzania. Located a mere 25–50 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is an archipelago which is a collection of many small and big individual islands. Unguja (informally referred to as Zanzibar) and Pemba are two of the largest island in the archipelago and the biggest and the most important city of the archipelago is a city with the same name, “Zanzibar” which serves as the capital of the region. It can be easily reached from Dar Es Saalam via flight in less than 30 minutes. Holidays In Zanzibar come with a lot of fun and promise an equal amount of thrilling adventure. Zanzibar has become synonymous with beautiful white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs in crystal clear waters. The archipelago consists of two larger islands –Unguja and Pemba. Where Unguja is famous for its beaches, its resorts, and historic Stone Town; Pemba is sometimes known as ‘The Green Island ‘and is known for its spice production and its pristine dive sites. Zanzibar is famous for its untouched island beaches. The stunning coral reefs and outstanding marine ecosystem are exemplary of ideal scuba diving spots. Adventure tourists looking out for some thrilling experience will find peace here. The Stone Town which is located in the south west region of Zanzibar is a place of immense historical importance. All the monuments standing in this place dictate the colonial era and history of slavery of this island. Because of this, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Zanzibar is also seldom known as “Spice Island,” the reason being large amount of varying spices being cultivated in the region which are exported to far off lands. Spices ranging from cloves to cinnamon to cloves grown in here.
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